Foamed PET sheet
Foamed polypropylene sheet
EPS molded article made from the waste of household appliances

 “PIOCELAN” Polystyrene / polyolefin hybrid resin foam

PIOCELAN is a recyclable expandable material with an expansion ratio of five to 50, excellent shock absorption, high stiffness and high oil / chemical resistance.

We will develop products in accordance with customer’s requests.

Transport case for PDP (Plasma display panels) (Completed product, Mother glass substrates), Returnable container for knockdown parts, Transport case for high-precision instrument parts, Auto-related components (bumpers, augmentation, energy absorption (EA) material, tool boxes, other interior parts), Structural material for home electrical appliances (air conditioners, refrigerators), Office automation (OA) instrument (structural material, cushioning material), Core material for tatami mats at judo hall, Core material for fiber reinforced plastics (FRP), Core material for helmets, Life rings for boats and ships, Transport cases for foods.

The SPI Plastics Material Code of #6 for polystyrene applies to PIOCELAN molded articles. Also in Germany, DSD, which recycles packaging materials, recognizes it as #6. It is a recyclable expandable material, both in Japan and abroad.

The “PIOCELAN” expandable material has excellent shock absorption, high oil / chemical resistance, and generates less fine powder than expandable polystyrene. (Applicable for foods, Slow combustible, Antistatic, Dust-proof, Colorable)

This material was developed to respond to requests for expandable material with superior cushioning properties, in line with the rising demand for compact cushioning materials due to the tendency of electrical appliances in Japan to become larger, heavier and more precise.

This material can be used in all fields, including knockdown (KD) packaging for auto-related parts, bumpers, augmentation for automobiles, packaging materials for heavy items and core material for tatami mats.

The features include excellent characteristics compared with EPS of equivalent volume, such as cushioning properties, high stiffness, generates no fine powder, lightweight and strong (Compact design).

PIOCELAN small beads

“PIOCELAN small beads” allow the effective use of limited space, packing more parts into the same volume in accordance with the downsizing and thinning of parts. They were developed in order to meet precise molding requirements.

Flap for air conditioners, Protective material for toilet piping etc.

The feature is to enable thin-walled molding.